All the Glam, None of the Vanity!

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

The Christian Miss team is loaded with individuals who love style, glam, and all things sparkly. Should you decide to participate in our program rest assured you may never be advised to tone it least not when it comes to your wardrobe. But, since we’re more concerned about what’s working on the inside let’s expose a term that’s often times wrongly attached to pageants and their participants: Vanity. Pageants are praised by their participants as confidence-boosting entities that leave their participants believing they can and will change the world. To have confidence basically means you have faith in your abilities and believe in yourself (good for you!). But vanity, or being vain, is something entirely different. Vanity is excessive admiration of oneself and accomplishments. It causes a person to act out of self-interest while feeding an obsession with being approved, praised, and validated - just to be seen as enough, as right, or as good. Vanity places focus on “me, me, me” and when it comes to pageantry, vanity makes it difficult or nearly impossible for anyone possessing the characteristic to gain anything from the pageant experience. We call it an experience because it is not about winning or losing, but learning and growing and becoming (with a lot of glitter on the side). The prizes are just the rhinestoned icing on the cake. Christian Miss is a celebration of you, not a showcase of comparison or competing against anyone else. You can walk through the doors owning the fact that you are -imperfect, but impactful -flawed, but uniquely original -different, but developing. We will applaud you for your accomplishments and abilities and encourage you to keep it up, but none of that should be your reason or your “why”. Do it so others can see how fearfully and wonderfully made you are (Psalm 139:14), be amazed by the light shining through you (Matthew 5:16), and, ultimately, glorify our God.

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