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In a world increasingly defined by its fast-paced nature and ever-changing values,  Christian Miss stands as a beacon of unwavering faith and empowerment- offering a unique blend of spiritual growth, identity reinforcement, and purpose discovery for young women. Central to our ministry are three key components that create a holistic approach to participant enrichment.  These three components include intimate Bible Chat sessions, inspiring weekly devotion videos, and transformative workshops that allow us to delve deeper into Biblical truths with our girls.

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 bible chats 



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Bible Chats- Cultivating Community

At the heart of Christian Miss' ministry efforts lies the Bible Chats – intimate, soul-enriching sessions that foster deep connections between participants and their faith. In these sessions, participants engage in guided discussions, exploring the timeless, profound wisdom found in scripture. Led by seasoned spiritual mentors, these chats provide a safe and welcoming space for participants to share their thoughts, questions, and revelations, nurturing a sense of community and understanding. By delving into the Word of God, participants find solace, guidance, and the strength to navigate life's challenges while fortifying their spiritual foundations.

Video: 2019-2020/21 National Christian Miss, Heidi Culbertson

From her  October 14, 2020 devotion "Remain in God's Love"

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Weekly Devotion Videos- Queens Honoring the King

The National Queens, esteemed representatives of Christian Miss, play a pivotal role in nurturing our participants' spiritual journeys through their inspiring weekly devotion videos. These videos offer a glimpse into the personal faith walks of these exemplary individuals, providing insights, reflections, and relatable experiences. By sharing their own struggles, triumphs, and moments of grace, the National Queens inspire participants to embrace their faith as a dynamic and integral part of their lives. Through these videos, participants learn to cultivate a deeper relationship with God, find strength in vulnerability, and witness the transformative power of unwavering faith.

Transformative Workshops- Nurturing Growth, Encouraging Impact 

The workshops offered by Christian Miss during the national pageant serve as immersive experiences designed to instill profound Biblical truths regarding identity, spiritual growth, and purpose. These interactive sessions are carefully curated to provide participants with a deeper understanding of their God-given identities and the unique purposes that await them. By drawing insight from scriptures, participants are guided through explorations of their individual spiritual gifts, talents, and passions. These workshops empower participants to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace their roles as faithful stewards of God's plans for their lives.

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