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Date: March 9, 2024
Location: Henrico, Virginia

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VA Welcome
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Introducing the inaugural
Christian Miss Virginia
State Pageant

Registration is open for this amazing preliminary to the National Christian Miss Pageant.  Young women ages 4-25 are eligible to compete.  We are thrilled to announce that our winners will not only earn the coveted title of Christian Miss Virginia but also have their entry fee entirely covered for the national pageant.


More good news!  Everyone who participates in the Christian Miss Virginia State Pageant will receive a remarkable discount on the entry fee for the National Christian Miss Pageant.  After submitting that entry fee they will receive an appointed title,  our official crown and sash.

Open state titles are available for participants from these surrounding states: Maryland, West VA, Delaware, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & North Carolina.  Please contact your state directors for more information.

Danielle Kruize, 2021 Christian Miss Virginia Teen
2021-2022 National Christian Miss Teen

VA Directors
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Your Virginia State Pageant Directors

Director: Michelle Kruize

Co-Director: Danielle Kruize


Call or Text :

804-787-4969 or 804-687-7833 


Jr. Sweetheart

4-6 years old


7-9 years old


10-12 years old

Jr. Teen

13-15 years old


16-18 years old


19-24 years old


20-25 years old


entry fees

State Pageant Entry Fee: $195

Optional Competition Entry Fee: $50

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VA Pageant Info

Eligibility, Agreement, and Code of Conduct (PLEASE READ)

  • Jr. Sweetheart through Miss

naturally born females, ages 4-24, who have never been married or given birth to a child and are law-abiding citizens of the USA who also meet the age division requirements by January 1st of the year of the pageant.

  • Ms. Division

naturally born females, ages 20-25.  Must be a law-abiding citizen of the USA who also meets the age division requirements by January 1st of the year of the pageant.  You may also have been married before, but are not currently. You may have been pregnant before and you may have children. 


Prior to registering: All parents and adult participants (19 and up) must read and agree with our Titleholder Agreement & Code of Conduct.  They must also read and respect the Christian Miss Statement of Faith.  Failure to review and abide by the guidelines and requirements states in these documents could jeopardize your participation eligibility in any Christian Miss pageants. Each document is linked below.

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Miss Virginia

Mandatory Competitions

*State scoring weights differ from the National Pageant weights

VA State Competitions
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Formal Wear

  • Jr. Sweetheart Division (Ages 4-6)

May wear knee length, floor length or tea length dresses. No hoops.


  • Sweetheart Division (Ages 7-9)

May wear floor length or tea length dresses. No hoops.


  • Pre-Teen Division (Ages 10-12)

May wear floor length dresses.  May wear age appropriate strapless or off the

shoulder dresses. No hoops.


  • Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss & Ms. Divisions (Ages 13-25)

May wear floor length dresses of any style.  Must be age appropriate and unrevealing. ​Miss and Ms. May wear dresses with slits no more than two inches above the knee. No hoops.

The formal wear competition is the most elegant portion of all our competitions.  Each celebrated delegate will have their moment alone on stage wearing the formal dress of their dreams. 


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During Interview you will learn how to positively present your strengths and weaknesses, truthfully share your uniqueness, discuss some of the things you're passionate about, and more!

  • For Jr. Divisions (Jr. Sweetheart, Sweetheart, & Pre-Teen):

Each delegate will be interviewed one-on-one in round-robin style- which means you'll be meeting with each judge one at a time. 


  • For Sr. Divisions (Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss & Ms.):

Each delegate will be interviewed panel style which means you will be meeting with all of the judges at the same time. 


  • For all age groups: 

You will be asked questions from your Interview Profile as well as questions suitable for your age group as time allows.


Get ready to share your heart while showcasing a cause that’s important to you.   This competition was created to help you share what you have accomplished in your community.

You will have a maximum of 60 seconds to briefly state:

  1. The name of your platform (Be creative)

  2. The reason why you chose this platform

  3. Anything you want us to know about the work you have done (goals set and accomplished, lives impacted, etc.)

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platform presentation


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community involvement

Drink Donations

to benefit Blessing Warriors

In support of the mission of the Christian Miss national platform, Tiny Temples: Healthy Kids & Teens, we are requiring drink donations for the Community Involvement competition.   In order to receive the full points for the Community Involvement competition all participants are required to donate at least 40 bottles of water or Gatorade to the state pageant. These items will be donated to a local charity. No expired drinks will be accepted.

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Miss Virginia

optional Competitions 

$50 each to enter


casual wear 


This is a modeling competition through which your positive personality and every day, casual style will be showcased before a live audience and panel of judges. Fun, upbeat music will be provided to encourage a fun, positive atmosphere.


fun fashion


The fun fashion modeling competition is for contestants wanting to show their glamorous sense of style and confidence. It’s like modeling for an upbeat, high-end store or boutique.



The Fitness Modeling competition is your chance to showcase your love for fitness in  fun and upbeat way.

Create a 45 second fitness routine that helps you show off your outfit, personality, and level of fitness.

Say Cheese! The photogenic competition is one of the easiest competitions to enter. It consists of two separate categories and you can choose to enter one or both.

  • The first category is for headshots only.

  • The second photogenic category is for full body fashion shots.

All you need is a current headshot and/or full body shot of yourself in a fashionable outfit that shows off your personality, style, and confidence.



full body

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VA State Applicaton
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