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If you' ve said...
"Before I sign up I need more information" or "are there any other costs?" please read on! If not, still read on.  You may find out something you didn't know!

You pay a fee, then what?

After the entry fee is paid you are a true state, regional or city titleholder.  All hold equal value at Christian Miss.  Titles are awarded on a first-come, first served basis.  Therefore, if your state title has already been awarded you will receive a regional or city title.  You will also receive an official state sash and crown. 


Our competitions include those with mandatory and optional participation

Mandatory competition entry is included in the entry fee because these are the competitions that determine the division winners.  The duties of the young women who will become our national titleholders can be found here .


  • The mandatory competitions are: 

One-on-One Interviews- (30%) 

Community Involvement (promoting our national platform, Tiny Temples)- (25%) 

Platform Presentation (presenting a personal platform of her choice)-  (25%) 

Formal Wear Presentation- (20%)


  • Major Optional Competitions have an entry fee of $80 per entry. You choose whether or not to participate.

These include: Photogenic Headshot, Photogenic Full Body Shot, Casual Wear, Fun Fashion Modeling, Talent, Speech, Actress, and Fitness. 

You may enter each Major Optionals up to two times.   Some of our optional competitions are combined to create specialty national titles. There is no additional cost for these titles. 

  • The Minor Optional Competitions are all "off-stage" and are free to enter. Again, you choose whether or not to participate.

These include:

-Essay Contest (for senior divisions)

-Ticket Sales Contest (everyone except contestants will need a ticket to the finale- they cost $25 each)

-Most Referrals Contest

-Distinguished Scholar Award (for senior divisions)

-Servant's Heart Award

-Christian Character Award (similar to Miss Congeniality/Personality)- selected by the staff and titleholders during the pageant

-People's Choice Award based on online votes (each will cost $2)

  • You may also enter our National Ambassador contest by selling spaces for what we call "Praise Pages", commonly known as ad pages in other systems. 

These are all optional competitions and have no bearing on the overall score which determines the National Christian Miss age division winners.

Other Costs

  • Final Pageant Opening Number Attire: Price TBA

  • Hair and Make-Up:  Stylists and artists will be available, but it's your choice to use them

  • Transportation: This varies by family but please know you will need transportation from the hotel to the venue

  • Hotel: Your stay at our host hotel averages out to $129 a night

  • Food: We do note provide daily meals

  • Leisure Time: There are area activities in which you may want to partake during your free time

  • Miscellaneous:  Extra cash will be necessary for purchasing things like program books, souvenirs, vendor items, etc.


Our national events include:


  • A Kick-Off Celebration on the first night at no extra charge.  

  • Workshops designed to help you learn from speakers who will instill positive, life-impacting messages of encouragement and guidance all based on the Word of God.  


  • A themed banquet on Friday night which includes an optional awards recap and celebration and  raffle to support the cash prizes and our outreach efforts.  Your attire will be based on the theme and totally up to you.  Dinner will be served at the banquet and everyone in attendance will need to have purchased a meal ticket. 

-Child tickets (0-12) are $30 and adult tickets (13 and up) are $40. 

-For the raffle, each titleholder is asked to bring a donated item which represents her state, city or personal platform to be raffled off. 

We hope this provides you with all the information you will need to make a decision to participate. Please be sure to browse our NATIONAL PAGEANT page for even more details about the pageant.  If you still have questions please let us know.  We are here to help!  



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